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'Binomio' (in english, binomial) means the relationship between two terms.
'Binomio' is a collaboration between art director and designer Rebeka Arce, photographer Almudena Cadalso and stylist Fede Pouso which tells the relationship of two different terms-bodies within the constraints of illustration and a fashion shoot.
The aim of this project is to visualize the relationship of two bodies through three different feeling-atmospheres: union, balance and tension.
These feelings are represented by the interaction of two bodies and the illustration that emphasizes the concept. The project foments genderless fashion movement and slow-fashion industry in a world full of consumerism and globalization.

Art Direction & Illustration: Rebeka Arce
Photographer: Almudena Cadalso
Styling: Fede Pouso
Makeup & Hair: Claudia Guzmán
Retouching: Pablo Salazar
Jean, Coat and trousers: Valentina De Llano
Demi-Couture David Catalán A/W 2016-2017 Collection: CLUB SKA 67
Models: Luis Mba Ndong & Jung Yeol Kim
Production: Think ’n Shoot
Set: The Art Valley
Media Recognitions: Fubiz Ètapes
+34 685 624 645
Madrid — Berlin — Bilbao

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