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Cineteca Madrid commissioned Rebeka Arce Studio to create the visual identity campaign of RAYO Festival's first edition. RAYO is a festival that travels between the fields of the visual and the sound, and its multiple intersections. RAYO means thunderbolt in Spanish and etymologically means the union of the thunder and the lightning. The intention of RAYO is to provoke and produce audiovisual hybridizations in which artists from different disciplines work together to create a new scenic piece. RAYO does not promote formats, but speeches, it is not intended to impact through technique, but to excite through the message.

Creative direction and design: Rebeka Arce Studio
Client: Cineteca Madrid
A festival curated by Pedro Portellano and Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria
Animation: Mario Cano
Artists: Peaches & Pussykrew, Rosa Barba & Chad Taylor, Pedro Costa & Os Musicos Do Tejo, Robert Lippok & Pedro Maia, Bruce McClure, Yamila, Federico Guardabrazo & Diego Echegoyen
Event Photography: Estudio Perplejo

From Rebeka Arce Studio instead of thinking about what provokes a thunderbolt, we wanted to reflect what a thunderbolt provokes through a contemporary and straightforward approach. A thunderbolt breaks, splits, fragments. That's why using a cut as the main element we created a graphic system through simplistic yet appealing visual codes.

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