What we did
Visual Identity


In-mocion is the school that boosts your creativity and teaches you how to work and create solutions in team through a challenging and practical method, helping you to learn what you were not taught at school. in-mocion comes from the union of two concepts: 'in motion' and 'emotion', in spanish 'emoción'.

Our goal was to represent the concept of the school: 'Creativity in movement', that´s why we thought building a dynamic and flexible visual communication for in-mocion was fundamental. in-mocion = emotion + in motion

In-mocion’s logo is a playful modular typographic solution using the symmetry created by the repetition of a circle. By cutting this shape we build each letter and through the position of each letter we obtain a dynamic logo that seems to be jumping. To emphasize the concept of movement and dynamic feeling we came up with the idea to create three different logo-composition. A flexible logo means brand freedom.